Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Kids on the Entrepreneur Block

Since I lost my job back in October 2009 I have been working on building an online business portfolio to ensure that I was able to stay a stay at home mum.
I have found that there are many avenues that one can go down to earn an income online and I have started to really invest a lot of time and effort into a couple of projects.

However, at this time I am still very much in the learning phase of the business and have not yet generated anything over $1 to date.

This has meant that things are a little tight at home to say the least. Its been hard to see the affect this has on our kids. I find it a daily battle with my 12 yr old daughter to try to get her to understand that we can't just go and buy her every single thing she thinks she needs on the spot.

My 14 yr old son is a little more understanding, however the fact that we are unable to get him started in some after school activities is a detriment to his growing requirements.

My kids have been following my progress and asking questions about what I do. We keep a very positive attitude about our future financially and they understand that its going to take some time.

Recently my son has been showing a lot more interest than I thought was possible and has asked if he would be able to do what I do so that he wouldn't have to go out and find a job when he finished school. I told him there was no reason he couldn't start now and so after some discussion we are going to sit down and plan out some ways that he may be able to use the internet to generate an income for himself.

As we go through the different stages I have his permission to blog through our progress and share with you all the ups and downs we come across.

Its a journey that I hope will not only be fruitful for him but will also bring us closer together. Working as a team for the common good of our family.

I hope to also work with my daughter to get her started as well, however we think it may be better to let her work through her first year of high school without the added pressure of having to meet deadlines online as well.

So with this all said, we look forward to sharing with your our ideas, our journey and our successes as we move into a new path of balance and harmony within our home and family.

If you have any questions, feedback or tips as to what you think may work as we go through this please feel free to share them with us by adding a comment or emailing me directly.

We wish you a life filled with passion.

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~ Joyce Brothers



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