Tuesday, March 9, 2010

30 articles in 30 days Challenge - Day 17

Well I am just over the half way mark and feeling really proud of myself so far.

There's no doubt about it, its hard work, not just writing the articles but the research, the typing, the spell checking, lol.

I've had some crazy stuff going on at home, but that's normal for us, however the one consistent has been writing my articles.

At this point I am working on two articles a day. The one that is going to posted that day and the one for the next day.

I'm actually going to blog the process I go through to write up my articles and use it more for my blogs as well.

Working on two of them a day relieves the pressure I sometimes feel if I have a moment of writers block, which I have had a couple of times in this challenge.

I'm doing a bit of research on making my articles more SEO friendly and my focus is coming back. Panic tends to send me on an information load up frenzy so the more ahead I am the easier I am finding this challenge.

Until I can get to blogging my articles, I may put up links to them in my links part of my blog. I really want to expand them more in my blogs, I have sometimes has 3 or 4 pages of information for my articles and had to shorten them to a page and half at the most so the rest of the info can be shared here.

I really am enjoying this process, as with my affirmation challenge and my 100 day reality challenge which I am going to be blogging about very soon.

I'm also looking for possible guest posters for a number of the areas I am writing about, however, I want to get my blog site into some sort of order first, lol.

Nice and short blog today, that will change I assure you hehe.

Quote for today:

“We must look for the opportunity in every difficulty instead of being paralysed at the thought of the difficulty in every opportunity.”  - Unknown


  1. First up, thanks for your kind comment on my Bukisa article on Life Balance (if you want to use it, or some of it, on your blog - just give my article a link and that's good with me)

    Second - this blog post is full of mistakes!! Even the title is spelt incorrectly - you must work more on your proof reading (a point you make in the post) - there are 10+ mistakes?
    Also the blog description line has an error!!!!
    ("s" in discovery)

    Third - hoping/assuming you're okay with constructive criticism!! - I think this whole blog, idea etc is a really good one. Go for your dream - many people are having success and fun out there.

    Every blessing, revivor

  2. Hey revivor

    Thanks so much for dropping by. Yep, this was one of those on the run blog posts that I didn't pass through my spell check.

    Will fix up ASAP, and Im sure I have a few like this that I need to go back through and fix up.

    Id love to use your Bukisa article on here if its ok, I think you pretty much said what I was thinking about writing anyway.

    Thanks again
    and welcome to my blog :)


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