Monday, March 15, 2010

30 Day Affirmations Challenge - Done and Dusted

So after 30days I can say a number of things about my experience.

1 - Consistency is key. I learnt this because I was not consistent through the last week or so of this challenge and manifestations were few and far between.

2 - What you focus on you receive. This has been true of the areas of my life I have focused on the most. Many a new link, person, course, ebook or quote was found at the right time which helped me me forward in my quest of online passive income generation

3 - I am going to start this challenge again on April 1st. This will give me some time to relay prepare and schedule all the things I want to focus on.

There have been manifestations coming in abundance and I am truly grateful to the universe for all her gifts.

I hope some of you will be up for the next challenge, or maybe join me on my Season 4 of my 100 day Reality challenge where I will be blogging my way through another 100days of manifestations.

Here's a new quote:

Dreams can often become challenging, but challenges are what we live for. -- Travis White

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  1. Consistency can be a weakness of mine! I love how committed you were to this task. I think being 100% committed to something can really go a long way in overcoming inconsistent behaviour. When I am not fully committed I tend to make excuses or procrastinate
    Thanks for sharing what you learnt! x


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