Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lady of Leisure - almost 4month update

Well, its been a very interesting 4mths since becoming unemployed and I have to admit that I have grown so much since then.

I have learnt that most things online have a science to them when it comes to making money. I've learnt that there are allot of people out there who are willing to help and that the "I scratch your back and you scratch mine" is NOT a bad thing if used for the right reasons.

I've had kids home with me over the holidays and I am so very glad they are now back at school. I haven't done allot of work but that is all about to change. One thing I have learnt is that I am going to be prepared next holidays.

In my personal life, there are still challenges coming up every day. Communication has been lacking which has caused some rift in relationships with the kids but with focus, patients and a more positive attitude I know that we will get there.

In regards to my online portfolio, here is where everything is currently.

E bay
This has been completely taken off my project list. I decided that its more an active income stream than a passive one and right now I want to spend more time building on a passive income.

ABN registration
I gave up doing this all myself. I have incorporated the services of a couple of great guys who run their own financial planning service and are looking after the business side of things. They are also helping me set and achieve my business goals, oh, and they are really really nice guys. They also deal with super so if your looking for financial advise, super roll overs and lost super, feel free to pop them an email at

This is defiantly something that I am yet to restart. I hope to have more time to dedicate to this now the kids are at school.

I have been really lazy with these. Its on my schedule as of next week though, as they say, "you've got to be in it to win it".

Online Business Portfolio
This has been a really big learning experience. One which I may not have been handling in the best way. I seemed to be all over the place especially during the holidays.

The problem is that there is so much out there that one can get easily distracted into other avenues. At the moment I have this blog, my 2 websites and 2 article sites. I am currently doing a online business mastery course which is helping me to understand more about online marketing. Its really a great course for beginners. If you are interested take a look here Internet Business Mastery Academy

I have to do a disclaimer here, sites that I list are not only sites I use but are also sites where I will receive a commission if anyone buys through my links :)

I have also signed up to a number of forums which are proving to be a great way to meet new people.

My twitter has grown from 3 followers to 143 over the last 3 months and I am smiling at that.

I haven't taken on any new projects as yet and I think that the above is going to be my major focus for the next 3mths at least.

Well, that's about all I have right now. If you have any feedback, comments or anything that you'd like to add, please don't hesitate to use the comment box below, that's what its there for lol

I wish you all a life full of passion and purpose

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