Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lifestye Design - Create Your Lifes Blueprint


Builders normally use blueprints to create a building, so why not use one to create your life?
Before you build a house, you normally have a fairly good idea of what you want it to look like. When you walk into a builders office, you sit down and say “I want to build a house, this is how big I want it to be, this is how many rooms and the list of wants goes on.

The point I am trying to make here is this. You wouldn't walk into a builders office without knowing what specifics you want to have in your ideal home, so why is it, we don't get this specific with designing our ideal lifestyle.

Lifestyle design is one of the new buzz words in personal development as much as social media is the buzz word in marketing. The concept has been largely attributed to the #1 New York Times best seller The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris.

Lifestyle Design is essentially designing your lifestyle around what you want to be doing, then building a life to match it.

The 4hr work week conveys that when you become more productive at what you have to do to earn a crust and, you can do it in a shorter amount of time, you essentially free up time to do and experience the things you want.

The key is to get specific about the way you want to live your life, don't limit yourself to what you think you can do in your current financial or career situation. Dream big as they say. The best way to start is to think of something your passionate about. Around the world wine tour maybe, surfing the waves on the beaches of the world. How about just being able to take your kids on a 2mth holiday to a new country and absorbing its culture. The world is your oyster, go find your pearl!

If for some reason you aren't able to come up with any ideas, here is a couple of questions you may want to ask yourself.

-If you had $500 million dollars in the bank

1)What would your day to day life be like, what things would you do, see, try. Who would you spend more time with and what kind of experiences would you have.

2)What would make you passionate about getting out of bed every day. What fun and exciting things would you have to look forward too each morning.

My Lifestyle design is focused on my family. Being able to be home with my kids full time and work from home. Taking a family holiday every year to New Zealand to immerse ourselves in our culture. Being able to work from anywhere in the world at the times I choose and on things that I am passionate about.

Id like to suggest that you grab a copy of “The 4hr work week” by Tim Ferris as he goes into full details of how to map out your Lifestyle design and his website is full of great information

If you already own the original version, Tim has a new version of his book The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded and Updated:  Four additions from the original book are:

*Case Studies and tips
*Details of how Tim started and launched his business
*Updated tools to help you with each of the steps
*Where the first book is mainly based on strategies for an individual, this version has
more for families and partners than the previous version.

I would really love to hear some of your own ideas for your ideal Life Blueprint. Please, feel free to share them in the comments section below. Any and all feedback is welcome.

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