Sunday, January 10, 2010

The wheels on the bus go round and round - Or do They

The wheels on the bus - Do yours go round and round?

Have you ever heard that song "The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round an round". Its a song that my kids grew up singing, use to drive me nuts sometimes but when you made up your own words it could be a lot of fun.

So here is my question, in life, do the wheels on your bus go round and round, or do they feel like you have a flatly?

To put it plainly, what I'm talking about is your life wheel. If you haven't heard of a life wheel, its a tool one can use to gauge where ones life is currently and where one would wish it would be.

Before we rate where we are we need to figure out where we want to be.

Step 1 - Sit down and go through the below list and write down what each of the following would look like ideally.

Health and Well being

Wealth and Finances


Life Style

Personal Growth




Heres and example of a couple of these.

Wealth and Finances
100k per year 70% of this income to come through passive income and 30% is active income

Organised home environment

4 bedroom home with a pool
Supportive friends and family

Life Style
Holidays to New Zealand 3 times a year
Holidays around Australia 2 times a year
Living debt free and own our home outright
Travelling around the world working with groups of indigenous people to help society become more self sufficient.

These are a few examples of how I see the ideal outcomes for some of the areas of my life. The point here is to draw up your ideal Life Design.

Step 2
Draw up a life wheel as per the Image below

Step 3
Now its just a matter of rating where your are currently in these different areas of your life.

So on a scale of zero to 10, 10 being your ideal, where would you rate each part of your life. Draw a dot at the point you feel you are currently at, then connect all the dots and see if your wheel is fit to travel further than the nearest petrol station.

If, like mine, your wheel is a little off balance, then its time to decide if you are willing, and able to take the time to work on these parts of your life.

Now 10 should not be your perfect life, however, it should be your own ideal perception. How You, and only You feel you would be happier

Once you have gauged where you are currently in each area, you have a place to start. Work out which area of your life would most like to work on and put together an action plan.

In my next post I want to go into a way I hope to make my New Years Resolutions stick. Ive found a great site that realy gives you simple easy to follow steps which I have tweeked a bit to suite me.

If you have any questions or suggestions, comments or ideas please feel free to comment.

May your life be full of passion

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