Friday, November 13, 2009

Mind Mapping experiment

Well with so much to do and so much information out there I obviously needed a way to gauge and list what steps I needed to take and when. This is something that I know I have not been consistent with however, because of the "Why" I am doing this, I feel that I may be more successful this time around.

So one of the tools I am going to be using is the Mind Map. Its like a brainstorming illustration. You put your goal or your project in the middle and all the steps that need to be taken branch off from this.

When I first tried this out, a couple of days ago, I thought it was fantastic. I used it to list the steps I needed to take to work on my Affiliates business. I brain stormed all the things I thought I would need to do and it was a real help to see it all set up like that, much more interesting on the eye then the normal To Do List for me. However, I then decided to do one for all the other things I had planned and in one day I had 5 Mind Maps. Ok, for me, this is overload, lol, I looked at all that paper and went, OMG how on earth is this all going to get done!

I then thought about maybe putting them all onto one mind map, but of course an A4 piece of paper is not big enough for that many smaller maps. I have therefore decided to get a large sheet of paper and will transfer it all onto to that and put it somewhere that little hands and pens wont be able to reach it yet where I could see it.

I know there are computer programs out there that you can use to make these mind maps, I run linux on my comp, not by choice however that's just how it is, and any app I have tried to download has fallen by the wayside. So paper it is for me. Although, I suggest that if you can use one of these apps, then try it and let me know how it goes.

So for the next two weeks I am going to use my big mind map as a tool to set my "To do" schedule. At the end of the first week I will blog how its progressing for me, and at the end of the second week I will blog any tips or tricks I have managed to find during the process. I will also upload the map when I have completed it, a goal that I have set for the weekend.

I have more blogs for the day, I made a choice to use Friday as my assessment day. I have logged my journey thus far in my new role at home as a "Lady of Leisure" and will sum up each week here in my blog.

My first blog shows a lot of what I have had in mind and I will relate how each, if any, are progressing Friday nights.

It is now 9.30am and I am already behind on my schedule so I will move from this to my next planned task and see how many of today's, and yesterdays goals I can achieve.

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