Monday, November 9, 2009

Blogging - A new learnng

Well, when I first decided to blog I thought it would be a good idea to blog online, then atleast im saving on paper and I it wont get lost, drawn on or thrown out by mistake.

I wrote my first blog with no ideas in mind except to keep it as a to do list, random thoughts and a place to let off some steam.

However, I am quickly learning that there is alot more to blogging. Blogging can actualy generate an income if done right. This is the line of my current research and experience will prove which works for me and which does not.

Ive signed up to an associates programe, which is another work for affliates, and I am still trying to work out how it works. Go figure, jump in and dont research and you are soon stuck with something you have no idea how to run. However, in saying this I am determind to find out how I can make it work for me.

I also signed up to a competitions website for a year, should have my subscription details through by end of next week. I will blog any winnings we have and how I am finding the experience.

Also, my blogging is going to start taking a different line. Im looking at writing about balance and harmony and how its working for me, but I am also going to use these experiences as a source for an ebook. I am still looking at other ways to generate an income online that are more service related instead of product based but if I have to do both then so be it. At this point in time I am realy ready to do whatever it takes to get to my course next year. Like my job, its a means to an end, however, this time I am more aware that the choices I make about where my money is going will impact the future of my business and therefore I am going into everything questioning if my actions are moving me towards my goal or taking me further away.

A spending spree on books for personal enjoyment would be taking money away from my goal, I can always borrow them from someone. I just googled book swaps online and there are some in Australia that im going to look at, how cool is that.

Well, due to the hot weather this week I have planned to clean up a very cluttered corner of my lounge in the morning and doing something fun with my 3yr old. Then we will go do our shopping, clean up the bbq so that we can have that for dinner tomorrow rather than having to cook inside. With this many jobs on the go tomorrow, I may actualy take my son to daycare instead.

I want to also put together a survey online to ask people what their ideal of a balanced life is for them. So keep an eye out on Face Book, any feedback on this would be much appreciated.

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