Friday, November 6, 2009

Lady of Leisure week 1

06/11/2009 - Lady of Leisure week 1.

As of the 30th Oct 2009 my skills were no longer needed in the position I was working in. This was expected and I was very ready to leave.

As a working mother of 3 with a fairly dramatic family, full time work and home commitments were getting harder and harder to juggle.

I also had my own dreams and goals that I wanted to pursue but found that all of life's little ups and downs were really getting a bit much.

So now here I am, unemployed but extremely happy about it. I have been able to sit down in this last week and work out some areas in life that I feel a need to focus.

First step to bringing balance into my own life was figuring out where my priorities lay. For me, it was my purpose and my family.

With this information, help from a fantastic life coach and a new sense of focus, I will be working towards each goal, each project step by step and laying it all out here for you all to view.

In doing this, I will see where I may have made some wrong choices, where I may have made some mistakes and where I have been the most success full in my journey.

I also hope that visitors to my site will be able to take a little something away and maybe apply it to their own lives successfully.

So, in this first week I have

Cleaned my bedroom
- Still need to do some major clutter clearing.

Gotten up after 8.30 every day for the past week - this has been bliss for not only myself but for my 3yr old who is NOT a morning person, just like his mummy.

Contact Success and You about my Life coaching course - Found out they no longer allow the course to be paid of after you have sat it, instead I now have to come up with $3500 witin the next 4-5 months. I am concentrating on the HOW for this. I also take responsibility for my procrastination during the past year. I had the funds to pay off the course while i was working, but used it instead for other things. Lesson from this, dont sit on your hands or the time will come when someone cuts them off, hahahaaha.

Domain/Web site started
- I now have a domain name and working on the website for "Living Your Balance" and will look into learning how to create my own site from scratch. But in the meantime I am using a generic one and tweaking it to suit. Hope to have this up and running fully by Feb 2009.

Competition Player
- I have registered on a competition site where you are given links to all the comps being run online, in stores etc. Any goods that may come our way from this venture will either be kept in our home or sold on ebay.

Ebay - As I clear out my house I am going to sell the stuff I find on EBAY to get some funds running. I will also look into affiliate programs to put onto my site as well.

ABN registration
- Need to get myself registered as a sole trader so when I do my course up in Sydney its all tax deductable. As well as my website and marketing tools.

Art - I will be posting shots of my sketching as it grows from stick figures to recognizable people, hahaha, hope to move from pencil to chalk by Feb-March next year.

Heres a great quote that describes my thoughts on Balance
"Most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven't paid the price to decide what is really important to them."Stephen Covey


  1. Hey Sis, Woooohooooo Im the first to post...see I told ya I'll get on here...Tick for that 'To Do'...DONE!

    This is awesome sis...well done...Im soooo happy and proud of you...yep with persistence...dedication and will only complete itself.

    Keep up the mean work and stay strong!

    Mauri Ora! oxoxoxo

  2. Awww, thanks sis, its all a work in progress and we just gotta work out what works for us and what doesn't. Im finding some fantastic information that will help me with this.

    Walking the walk :)

  3. Hi There!

    I followed a link to this blog from a post you made on the Flying Solo website.

    I'm currently studying for my Cert IV in Life Coaching, and just gearing up now to set up my business in 2010.

    I just wanted to wish you all the best in having your goals realised ($5K in 3 months so you can start your course and everything beyond!). I am loving my much has opened up to me in understanding myself and how I can use my life in service to help other people understand their magnificence.

    All the best Mirika in following your passions!

    In the spirit of support, Mandie


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