Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lady Of Lesuire - 3rd week update

Well, the past 3weeks have been very different from my 9-5.

There have been some ups and downs so far. A lot of my focus has been forced into areas that I may have otherwise not wanted to go or maybe it was from pure arrogance that there wasn't anything wrong. However, the family challenges that have come forth have ensured a response in regards to the main factor of living a balanced life, COMMUNICATION.

My family is the reason I am doing this so I am evaluating my actions and reactions at home and adjusting them to ensure I am not the cause of any more issues. We are taking our home lives one day at a time at the moment, feeling our way through.

Since my last post there have been some changes. So where am I currently.
The website date has been moved up to Jan. Im looking to source a web designer who may be willing give of their time and expertise to my site for FREE (Yes I said FREE) in return for some delayed gratification when I am able to pay them.

This project is on hold. The time and effort needed to do this does not equal the amount of profit that would come from it.

ABN Registration
This is one of the frustrating parts so far. Ive decided to just ask around online for anyone who has started their online business here in Aus and what legal stuff they had to do.

Due to all of the above I have neglected my artistic pursuits. Ive only put in a couple of hours over the last 3weeks to my artwork which I hope to increase due to the significant calmness drawing gives me.

Dedicated 1hr per night. Its a small every day habit now and a lot of fun when you have to give a 25words or less entry. You really have to use your imagination.

surveys. I tried this for a week and found it cost me a lot of time, not only filling in the surveys but the amount of spam you get. No doubt there are people making good money off this, but I doubt they are doing it randomly. I suggest if this is an avenue you wish to go down, try to find forums where you can ensure you start out the best way possible and where they have a SCAM section. I found a few, one who rang saying because i filled out a survey I won a holiday but they needed credit card details. Uhhh, NO! So my advise, be carefull!!

Online Business Portfolio
This has been the most interesting part of the last 3 weeks and one I want to dedicate an entire blog to. What I will say here is that I have been able to cut back on a lot of research due to 2 great sites. this site was set up by a guy named Pat Flyn. This guy puts it all out there. What hes doing/done and how much hes making each month. If your curious about how he did or even how you could do it please visit his site. Hes very down to earth, shares his life both business and personal and has answered all the questions I have emailed to him. He takes you month by month through his journey to his passion, his family and is very transparent about it. He is a big inspiration for me.

Ill stop here because I want to do justice to the work Pat is doing and the other resources I am currently using.

Please, if you have any questions don't hesitate to leave me a comment or send me through an email.

Live your life with passion!!

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  1. Hi there - I've popped over here from CCOR! Thanks for the link to Pat Flynn's site - some useful info there.

    Good luck on your journey:-)


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