Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lady of Leisures 10 Ideas for a less stressful Christmas

If you are having family and friends around for Christmas then why not try a couple of the below ideas.

1 – The good old Kris Kringle for the adults, and put a limit on the amount you spend on each child.

2 – It can be hard buying for teenagers who's tastes change all the time, suggest the family give money to the older children, and get the parents to set up a bank account. This will ensure they can't spend it all at once. They can also go shopping for themselves during the boxing day sales.

3 – Put together a gift basket.

We received one last year from a family member, it had a number of items and a poem that went with it, it was the most heartfelt pressie I have every received!!

Try the op-shops, they always have knicknacs that are ideal for gift baskets.

If your buying for a couple, what about a romantic gift basket, or even a naughty one lol

4 – Ensure you shop with a list otherwise the pretty lights around a sale price may suck you in then you wonder who the present is going to go to. Also, ensure you know how much you are going to spend on each persons gift and try to only take enough to cover it. This means you will really be on the look out for something special.

5 – Get everyone to bring a plate to the Christmas gathering, sort out who brings what. You will find you waste less this way, and the hosts of the lunch or dinner are not stressing about their budget.

6 – Make sure you put money away for the next month so that you aren't wipping out your bank accounts in one day

7 – If you are an arty kind of person, why not paint or draw something special

8 – Try to stick to cash payments where possible, don't get so far in debt that its going to take you a year to pay off one days worth of spending

9 – Give something to someone you don't know.

Im sure you have all seen the trees outside Kmart etc where you give a gift for a child who may otherwise not receive anything for Christmas. Put a little something under the tree. It only has to cost you a few dollars but it could mean the world to someone else.

10 – Give the gift of love!! Nothing says I love you like you do!

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