Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lady of Leisure - 6 months later

Wow, I cant believe its been over 6 months since the last time I set foot in my job.

This journey has been a challenge and a reward all at the same time. I love my life, I love the way I get to live it now and I have loved every minute of it since I joined the ranks of the unemployed.

I have made a lot of progress in all areas of my life, striving for that balance that I set for myself and my family 61/2 months ago.

I've dropped my kids off at school every morning and picked them up every afternoon. I've spent more time with my 4yr old at home coming up with creative ways to keep his little mind and his little hands busy.

I've been able to live my life rather than make a living around it.

Personal growth has come in all shapes and sizes for me. From dealing with my negative way of speaking at home to dealing with information overload in my home business.

I've identified and overcome a number of limiting beliefs that have hindered me in my life. I've written a lot of articles and showed that I can consistently focus in one area successfully.

I've made many new friends and had many enlightening and inspiring teachers, mentors and services manifested into my life. I have felt what it is like to be truly blessed and I am grateful for every moment of every day that I am able to be here.

I've had some really big challenges with my oldest son and finding ways to communicate with him better is one of my biggest goals. I've tried a number of avenues, some have worked, for a certain amount of time, and some haven't.

We made some break through s with regards to finding middle ground where he can be more independent and I can still have some peace of mind. We even worked on a plan for him to start working online himself doing his own thing.

Both my oldest son and my daughter are wanting to start up their own online ventures next year, for different reasons this year is not a good time for them to start, yet I am excited at the prospect of being able to teach them and work with them on a common goal.

So with all the deep and meaningful s done, here's my Online Portfolio Update:


Started sketching again, on and off, mainly while waiting for the kids after school in the school parking lot. Its a little peace from my day to day.


Well, I haven't been in it to win it. So no complaints there about it not being something that works. However, I am definitely going to get back into it at least 3 days a week.

Online Business Portfolio

Still learning so much about the opportunities available online. There are so many and there is so much information that I have hit info overload a number of times along the way. This has cost me a lot of time and energy, not to mention the frustration.

However, at this point in time I am working in the Affiliate Marketing area and have managed to launch 1 product campaign which revolves around picking a product, finding the best words to use and writing about it.

I am yet to see anything come from this, but considering that its only the first full week I have high hopes for some sort of return on my efforts. Enough at least to pay off some bills lol.


The articles I have on Bukisa are getting steady clicks, yet with almost 200 views of my 8 articles I have only accumulated 65cents.

I am learning new ways to promote my articles and the products associated with them and if anything, I am certainly learning a lot about the online business world and all its quirks and perks.

Living Your Balance

My own product progression, which is to write an e book, is starting to come together. I have set out the draft outline for the chapters and have started building my website to incorporate these ideas into it.

I've even learnt how to do basic html coding so that it doesn't look like such an armature site, lol, but I still have so much to learn before its ready.

I'm also working on putting together an e book about how to get started online in affiliate marketing with little or no money. My budget is now at zero for tools and resources, however, I have found so much free information available that this is no longer a worry for me.

I've cancelled some of my paid subscriptions, firstly because I can't afford them at the moment, secondly because I haven't even been into them over the last couple of months. No use paying for something I don't use. The information and services themselves were not the problem, however the direction I have choosen to move into has left them on hold.

I've signed up to affiliate programs (if you are unsure what this means and are interested in finding out please feel free to email me, otherwise I wont bore you with details). Most of these programs are applicable for Australia. Being in Australia can sometimes mean that one is not eligible for certain programs so I am getting use to reading terms and conditions for everything I have signed up for.

My twitter account has gone from 143 followers to almost 300, which by the way I am unsure of why this is good as yet, but I know it will be at some point.

So this is where I am as of the 15th April 2010. The journey continues and I look forward to building up to my Ideal Family Life Balance and sharing with you the steps in our journey.

Feel free to take a look at my websites and articles, I would love your feed back on them.

- I wish you a life filled with passion


  1. Great info on your transition to working at home and spending more time with family. Thanks for joining you enjoy the site and the interaction with others.

  2. thanks for all the info - I'm on Bukisa and find that it is well connected with google - so have good, attractive words in your titles. Alos try searching Twitter for a key word that is the focus of one of your articles and ping some responses with a link to your article - sometimes it pays big dividends!! (you never know)

  3. Hi Mirika! I wanted to share the Bloggers Sunshine Award with you! So please check out to receive your award. Love Connie x

  4. That is wonderful! Living a healthy, balanced life filled with passion is the best thing to go for. I am on a similar journey. :)


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