Thursday, February 18, 2010

Affirmation Challenge - Day 5

Its been a pretty busy week due to having to do so much clean out for the inspection tomorrow.

It was realy good to get rid of all that clutter!!

So its day 5 of my affirmations challenge and I have been struggling to concentrate what with cleaning all the time and trying to make notes of all the ideas ive had along the way. However, the abundance of information is still forthcoming.

I have managed to keep up with my diary and journal affirmations and my night time ones. But the focus hasn't been as good as it had been. However I have full control over the situation again as of tomorrow after the inspection, it means I will also be working within a non-cluttered home and it means that cleaning will take less time now.

So the abundance still flows in certain areas of my life, and when im back on track i have no doubt that it will all start to flow much easier and quicker. I got a realy great email about a new marketing course, but it was pay by credit card only, so I had to skip it. My acct is looking a little worse for wear due to the kids school stuff and the bills that have started to come in that are no longer in credit.

Im holding strong to the feelings that I had when the bills were coming in with credited amounts due to my focus on ensuring that I was putting money on them constantly. Yet with the increased outgoings for school book, stationary and uniforms I am behind on almost everything. These are the times I find it hard to keep the failth, yet, these are the exact times when the flow of money come to me.

So I know how much I need to ensure we are back in credit with our utilities and to pay off the kids school fees, as well a how much is needed for a number of other areas. I know it will flow to me and I am truely grateful!!

Im tired, but I feel very proud that my family pulled together as a little team to ensure our inspection should be fine. I am also so very very grateful to my partner who has gone above and beyond his usual efforts in cleaning both the inside and outside of our home.

I still have some work to try and get through tonight, I am going to dig realy deep to ensure my to do list is complete before I go to bed.

This blog is one of my escential to dos today and now it is DONE :)

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