Friday, May 24, 2013

New Beginnings

It's been awhile since I've had the time or inclination to come here and review this blog.  Having had so many ups and downs over the last 3yrs it hasn't been an easy crawl back to the headspace I had been in when I first started this blog.

I'm still 100% sure if I'm ready now to re-open my life to my own scrutiny but I have also felt a need to come back here as part of my transition from what I feel is my past life.

As I stated, I'm not 100% back to the old me.  I'm not even sure that's possible considering the changes I've been through and the new additions I've had to my family, and the ones I've sadly lost.  Yet it's still my purpose is to find and help others who may be unsure they are ready to meet their life passion but are sure they aren't yet in the place they want to be.

So today I have restarted my journey and will take a bit of time to sort through my goals and expectations of myself, my blog and my happiness.

I look forward to re-connecting to my previous readers, and connecting with new personalities.

As always

I wish you a life filled with passion

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