Thursday, December 24, 2009

How I Organise My Balanced Life - Part 2 - How I do housework in 15mins

Ok, that looks too good to be true, however, what I mean by this blog is that in 15min slots I get more housework done than I would normaly.

The reason, for me is, I get distracted easily. Therefore, if I decide to dedicate a day to doing my house work, you can gaurantee that I will have jobs half finished all over the house, lol.

So working in 15min time slots at different times durring the day I can get so much more done and it gets done completely.  Im not talking about re-arranging an entire room in 15min, but if you decided that you want to do that, you can do it in 15min slots.

Heres how I do it.

1 - Make a monthly chores list

You can include big jobs, the every day jobs, jobs you have been meaning to get to but havent

2 - Mak a weekly chart

I have a spreadsheet that I use. On the left hand side I list each room and under each room I list the specific jobs. I itemize every job seperately. Eg: Kitchen, Dishes, Counter tops, Vacume floor, Mop floor

Along the top of the spreadsheet I list the dates  from Monday to Sunday (yes, i list sunday, you dont have too, its just my preference).

Now there are jobs that need to be done every day such as dishes, washing etc, these I place a star next too so that I ensure I remember them daily.

3 - When you do the job is up to you

What I tend to do here is just do something, anything durring times when I feel like it.

For instance, when I go for a smoke I will normaly pick a job and do it either do it before or after I go out for my smoke.

Other times, toilet breaks, meal breaks, even add breaks. Considering I am at my computer alot these days, its always a good idea for me to take a break every hour atleast. This could mean that I get the water ready for the dishes and wipe the benches down while I wait for the sink to fill, then I get the dishes washed and off I go back to my desk. I may then take another break at some point, and run out and hang out or bring in the washing.

Most time these jobs dont take 15min so its a personal choice if you do more than one job durring that time or you could just leave it at that one job.

Once a job is finished I go back to my spreadsheet and log the time I completed the job.  Daily jobs will have 7 times listed.

Its realy rewarding at the end of the week to be able to see on my spreadsheet what I have accomplished. Then come the weekend I normaly have minimal house work and just have to worry about the little daily jobs.

I was actualy hoping to have a screen shot of my cleaning spreadsheet, however, as with my mind map I have still not worked out how to get it onto here. When I do though, it will be up on this blog for everyone to see, lol.

If you have any tips or tricks you use when it comes to house work, please share them with us all in the comments section. Any feedback or questions are welcome, or feel free to email me directly for any reason.

As we come up to christmas, you can imagine how full my chores list is, however, I havent been working much so I have had all the time in the world to do more house work. :)

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  1. That spreadsheet sounds great -- super organized. Back when I cleaned (hah!) I'd refer to the list on our fridge. We'd each pick a task and then set the buzzer for 15 minutes. If one of us finished a task before the 15 minutes were up we'd pick another, otherwise we'd just work on it until the buzzer rang and call it done. 3 people doing that 2x a week made progress. Now that things are super hectic I just avert my eyes ;)


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