Saturday, June 19, 2010

Affomrations Challenge - Day 19 of 30

More than halfway through my Afformations challenge and there have been even more developments which is stunning me really.
Its been a “go-go-go” kind of month with my Afformation manifestations. So let me see if I can get everything into a coherent format of some sort.

Let me first list some of my Afformations here, mainly the ones that I have seen some progress with. They may look a little different from my originals, I'm still in the process of tweaking them.

Why am I making over $5000 a month in my online business?
Why is my family so balanced?
Why am I so focused?

Here's the biggest manifestation this post.

I was asked by to promote a new service for an off line company by the name of ESN Financial Planners. This offer was completely out of the blue, and, it happened the day after I wrote up my Day 7 of my Afformations challenge. How unreal is that huh. What this meant was, I received a way to truly start earning that $5000 a month, with the potential of taking it to another level.

Now, before you all get over excited, let me just revisit Noah St Johns principle steps for using Afformations.

1 – Decide on what you want
Yep, did that, big tick for me

2 – Form your goal into a question that assumes that what you want is already yours.
Yep, done that too, another big tick

3 – Give yourself to the Question
Yep, because Afformations are in the form of a question, I have been able to use them without feeling like I'm lying to myself. So another tick for this one.

4 – Take new actions
Errrr, if I could relay the sound of one of those buzzers that buzz you when you get a wrong answer, that is what you would be hearing now.

Big fat cross for this so far. The point of this offer was to promote a Debt Reduction Service to my friends and family face to face and in return, I would earn a commission on anyone who signed up with them.

I know the guys at ESN really well and they look after my business needs and also manage my superannuation. What they had shown me was a great way for people who were barely able to pay their interest payments on their debts, to get that interest rate down, and work on putting more towards the debt itself.

So did my Afformations fail me? NO! The reason ESN Financial Planners are not getting any referrals from me is because I haven't taken any new actions. Rather than ring around to the family and friends which is what would have been the most direct way to go, I decided instead to post a on my Face Book Groups page about Financial Balance. This was in line with what I am working towards with regards to Living My Balance, and, it meant I could cover a range of Financial avenues.

Actually, I guess this could be a new action right? Not the most common way to do it, but still a new way to go about it.

I guess time will tell. The focus is on educating people about how important it is to build a better Financial Balance in their lives, so that they are able to lessen the stress in their lives, thus brining them more peace of mind and more overall balance in their life.

I will keep you updated through the rest of the month. If you want to read up on the Financial Balance Posts I have put up all ready, feel free to take a look here.

Let me go over some of the other manifestations I have had and also witnessed up till now.

My new course has all the tools, knowledge and support that I had originally been looking for so I feel big things coming in my immediate future.

I've decided that working while the entire family is home should only be done in small doses. Its far to distracting to be tapping on the computer when everyone's watching TV, apparently. Its also not easy to concentrate through the choir of  “mum, mum, mum” that goes on in my house every day. Taking time off work is also a new action for me, and I highly recommend I do it more often. This fits into the family balance Afformation as well as the focus Afformation because it means that I am focusing solely on my family and not wasting time at the computer accomplishing nothing all day because I'm to distracted.

I still hold the same peacefulness I had when I first started my Afformations experiment This bonus side affect is fantastic when I hit a stressful period in my life. I come out of one of my mad dashes much quicker and with less judgement on myself.

I have also recruited a new challenger who in her first day of being introduced to Afformations has had some major moments of change and understanding. I am so grateful that I have been able to witness the manifestations she has already had and have asked her to keep a diary of her experience so I am able to share this with everyone.

One occurrence that has come from this is that I have had the humble pleasure of seeing comments left on my posts by the founding father of Afformations Mr Noah St John and I am really grateful that he has taken the time to come here and leave me some words of encouragement. I'm truly blessed by these unexpected visits.

Well, that's all from me for today and I am looking forward to the rest of the month because I have a feeling that this is going to be a month of major changes and major accomplishments.

Again, if you would like to learn more about Noah St John, his products and my views on the ones I have used, please feel free to visit my other blog here.

I leave you with this Afformation

“Why are we constantly blessed with joyful experiences in our lives?”

I wish for you a life filled with passion

Monday, June 7, 2010

Afformations Experiment - Day 7 of 30

Well, its been a week since I started this Afformations Challenge, so I thought I had better ho to an update.

Here's what I think has been the biggest change in my life since using Afformations instead of my Affirmations.


That's right folks, with Affirmations there was sometimes a sense of urgency and anxiety, I would have to constantly remind myself to focus and it could be a frustrating process.

However, since using the Afformation “Why am I so focused?” I have been nothing but focused! From the first day I used this Afformation I have been able to stay on task much easier and with less urgency.

This is the most significant change because it has impacted on every area of my life. The peacefulness I have gained has helped me to get some clarity and helped me to be more patient with not only myself but also with everyone in my life.

One of my other main Afformations is “Why am I making over $5000 a month constantly in my Affiliate Marketing Business?”

No, I'm not here to report that I have made my first $5000 already. In step 4 of Noah St Johns steps for using Afformations, he stipulates that we need to take different actions. So I cancelled out of some of the courses I was taking and literally the same day I received an email about a course that I feel is going to help me achieve this goal. Once I put into action the steps on this course, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be making $5000 plus a month within the next 3 months.

Another important Afformation for me is “why is my life and my family so balanced?” This is the most precious part of my life and balance and harmony means so much to me. This part of our lives has made a significant change as well. What I am finding is that we are not suddenly getting on better, but we are now being challenged to grow more often. We are however, able to meet these challenges with less frustration and more understanding.

Perfection is not the goal here, balance and harmony are and there are more opportunities for us to instil this into our lives.

So those are the major changes in my life over a week. Wow, a week and already there is significant change. I truly am looking forward to the rest of the 30days, and beyond.

I will leave you with this Afformation today.

“why do we always receive what we ask for?”

To learn more about Afformations or the Inventor of the Afformation Mr Noah St John, take a look at my other blog site where I review fully some of the products I am using.

I wish you a life of passion.