Sunday, May 30, 2010

Afformations Experiment

Afformations Experiment

Those of you who have read my blogs will know that I did an Affirmations challenge for 30days.

It was successful in many ways and I was able to understand the inner workings of Affirmations
from my own research and experience.

Since that little experiment I have come across a man by the name of Noah St John who is the man behind Afformations.

Let me explain what Afformations are firstly and then I will delve into the experiment I am going to start as of the 1st of July.

Afformations along the same lines as Affirmations in as much as the repetition part. How they differ is truly easier than one may think.

Affirmations can be hard to come up with because you have to ensure that your beliefs hold true to what you are repeating. The old example of repeating “I am rich I am rich I am rich” and hearing your mind tell you that your lying to yourself is one way gauge that this statement is not something you can believe.

work with the way the mind itself is programmed. Afformations are a form of affirmations but used in a question form. Not just any question, but through questions that force us to go into the most basic natural instinct that we have, finding solutions.

Solutions are what our mind does naturally, its not based on having the right beliefs or values, its all a matter of working with what already works.

So, with that said, lets delve a little into what the inventor and creator of the Afformation says with regards to using Afformations in our daily lives and the steps that will help us get the most of them.

In his book “The Great Little Book of Affirmations” Noah St John discusses the 4 crucial steps to take in order for us to heighten the outcomes of our Afformations.

Step 1 – Decide on what you want
This is the first step for anything. In order for you to succeed at something you have to be clear on where you are heading. Lack of direction is one of the biggest cause of frustration in our lives.

Step 2 – Form your goal into a question that assumes that what you want is already yours.
This is the main difference in Affirmations and Afformations. Its all about ensure you are asking the right questions. You work this part by emotion. When you feel the joy and fulfilment of what you want already, you get go of the anxiety attached to wanting it. Anxiety and fear of not getting what you want is the biggest block to getting it.

Step 3 – Give Yourself To the Question
The point of these questions is not to find the answers. I know that sounds a little weird, but How To questions are not what we are looking for. Its about changing your mindset not about answering the question.

Your giving your mind permission to believe that there is a way.

Step 4 – Take New Actions Based On Your New Assumptions About Life
If something hasn't worked before, try something new. If you have been doing certain things a certain way and they haven't been working for you yet and you haven't been able to get what you want, then try a different action plan.

So now to the experiment Part.

From June the 1st 2010 I am going to be using Afformations instead of my usual Affirmations.

Each morning I am going to focus on my Afformation and put my labels around the house. Its the same process that I used for my Affirmations the only change will be the form that they are taking.

Here is a list of some of the Afformations I am going to use.

“Why am I able to make $5000 consistently every month”
“Why does healthy food taste better than unhealthy food”
“Why are my relationships so joyful, loving and accepting”
“Why do I enjoy housework so much”

I will come back to this blog every couple of days and update how this is working for me in my every day life. Ill also give some tips that I pick up along the way.

This all fits in with my Law of Attraction 100day reality challenge and I cant wait to get started.

Ill also be back on normal internet speed which means that it wont take me a week to upload or download everything I need.

Till then
May your life be filled with passion!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Free Gift - Limiting Beliefs

Hi all

I wanted to pass on some of the articles I have written in PDF format that you can download and save to your computer.

This free pdf is based on the articles I wrote on Limiting Beliefs.

Feel free to download here.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Smart Passive Income Blog Review

A personal review of "The Smart Passive Income" Blog Site

Becoming an online entrepreneur has been a series of hits and misses, mainly misses really income wise. Yet, information wise I have had some great hits.

One such information gem I found earlier on in my research faze is a fantastic blogs site that has really helped me to grasp the basics and also move forward in this maze that is online business.

I wanted to share this Blog site with you because it has been a great source of information and inspiration for me as a very very new, wet behind the ears, online business entrepreneur.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income Blog has built up a following of over 6000 on his blog site and with over 1600 fans on his Face Book Page, you could mistake him for one of those gurus who forces you to pay just to read what he has to say.

You would assume wrong my dear Watson. The fact is, all of Pats information is given freely. He doesn't promote products on his blog site and he doesn't force feed his brand till you cant see straight.

His newsletters are filled with little titbits that are creative and informative and the biggest reason I have followed him continuously for almost 6 months is because he writes from the heart.

That's right, he puts his heart and soul into his blog posts and he endeavours to comment back as much as humanly possible considering the amount of responses he receives from each and every one of his blog posts.

The other thing that I feel truly sets him apart from many others is that he is very very transparent about his online income. This guy gives monthly reports of how much he has made month by month, along with the different avenues he makes his income and includes some of his stat's. The best part of his Monthly Reports by far are the things he's been up to each month. You get to see the impact some of his actions have on the following months income and its truly inspiring.

He is very candid, supportive and humble. He isn't making millions, and he is the first to tell you this in his bio

I have read every blog he has written and will continue to do so for as long as he writes them. I felt like I was there when his son was born recently and adore the pictures that Pat provides of his wonderful family.

He is a man on a mission, helping so many and asking for nothing in return. His love for his family is at the forefront of who he is and why he does what he does.

I would recommend his blog to anyone who is new to Online Blogging, anyone who is looking for some inspiring words and humours posts as well as a dose of humble pie.

I look forward to watching Pats career grow and I am grateful to have him in my online life as a mentor to follow in his footsteps and to keep a humble and grateful attitude towards life.

If you haven't checked him out yet, and I suggest you do, here is the link to his site

Monday, May 3, 2010

Closing Circles - Getting Rid of Energy Suckers

Have you ever thought of those little jobs that you have put off over and over again, some of which come and bite you on the butt?

I like to call these little items in my "to hard basket" energy suckers. Why, well, in reality because we think about them, even from time to time, we are actually putting our energy to them yet doing nothing about them.

It could be anything from getting the car looked at because it keeps making a funny noise, to getting a new umbrella

So how can these events turn around and bite us on the butt? Well, if I don't do something about the car it will probably get worse, and if I don't get a new umbrella I'm liable to end up getting caught out in the rain.

These are minor examples, however, I sure you have come across these things where you later say to yourself, dangit, I knew I should have done that ages ago.

I have many, many of these little energy suckers hanging around in my head that when trigged cause me to worry or feel anxiety. Such wasted energy when you don't do something to

So I have a note book that I carry around with me. You never know what could trigger one of these episodes, and each time something comes up I write it down and put it on my to-do list for the next day and I make it a priority.

Overall I have around 6 energy suckers that I have listed, some easy and no problem, some a little harder and more time consuming. However, I am making a concious effort to really take some steps towards getting these off my to-do list.

Here's a list of some of the things I need to get done:

Get rid of the clutter in our house - I should have done this a couple of months ago but put it off. Now I have to do it because in 2 weeks I will have my sister and her husband moving in for a few months. This is definitely one of those ones that has turned around and bit me on the butt.

Get my credit report - I've done this a couple of times, and on a couple of occasions I have found a issue where I had a mark against my name yet it shouldn't have been there. This of course hindered my credit report but I was able to clear it up after one phone call and had the mark removed. This issue had been there for 2yrs. The initial reason I got a report was because I was refused a credit card.

Go to the dentist - You all know how expensive going to the dentist is. Consultations alone are an arm and a leg. Yet, I left this way to long and now I am going to be in for some major pain both physically and in my back, front and side pockets.

So those are just a couple of examples that I have been able to start making progress on. I have a dental appointment this week. I have my brother in law coming around to check my car and give me a guesstimate about what's wrong and how much it will cost (he's a qualified mechanic). This will give me an idea of how much I will need to put away for the work and how long it may take me.

I am awaiting my credit report to come in the mail this week.

Knowing that all these things are in the process of being sorted out seems to lift some weight off my shoulders and means that there are 3 less things I have to worry about. YAY lol.

I suggest that you take a notebook around with you and every time you hear yourself say the words "I really should" or "I need to" then put it in your note book and get it done. Especially if it could end badly if you don't.